Hi, I'm Signe!  

I’m a former fashion designer turned certified style coach & color consultant from Denmark and I’m here to help you increase your style confidence and learn to do more with less. I believe that personal style is about having the right clothes, more than having a lot of it. Join our community on the journey towards a simpler, more meaningful lifestyle with less waste!


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My masterclass is perfect for you if:

You have a wardrobe that feels allover the place
You want to learn how to make more eco-friendly fashion choices
You want to master the art of creating chic outfits with less effort – every day
You want to define and develop your style personality and feel more confident in what you wear
You want to stop wasting money and valuable ressources on buying the wrong clothes
You want to learn how to make your wardrobe last


What my students say

Participating in your masterclass really reached beyond just clothes into a core part of seeing myself for who I am. This has been especially helpful coming out of the pandemic, as I felt a total disconnect from the clothes I wore pre-2020, and had to in many ways find new ways of styling myself to connect with my more adult self. Thanks to your content, I've been able to do this with a curator's eye, much more mindfully, instead of loading up on cheap items just to have "nothing to wear".

- Alexandra Clark, student 2023